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Remote Access For Tally with Edit

Remote Acess for Tally or any other Accounting Package - Using VPN connection to link up offices via the internet
  • Tally ERP 9 remote access has only view feature for remote user, I can offer a solution in which you can edit also.
  • There is No need to install Tally in the branch offices. All the branch offices can connect to head office and use tally as if they are sitting in the head office
  • The connection is secured using Industry standard opensource VPN software.
  • Any number of branches can use it and also a travelling user can use it from the Laptop.
  • Branch office can do billing of products sitting at branch office by connecting to the tally at the head office and take printout in the branch itself.
  • Tally is going to offer remote edit in future but only to Tally.Net subscribers for which you have to pay annually.
  • My Solution is only one time charge, no need to pay annually and will also work with tally 7.2  or even with any other Accounts Package.

Benefits of setting up a VPN connection with the branch.

  • The branch office will not have any program or data - so no need to backup at the branch office.
  • NO NEED to merge data of the branch office with the head office.
  • CA can visit at the branch office or head office and he will get the complete accounts sitting anywhere.
  • Connection is directly established between the two offices without going through Tally.Net server or any other server.
  • With this solution there is  no need to have static IP on any branches or even the Head Office.
  • No monthly charge by ISP for vpn connectivity, or no charge for static IP by isp.